William F. Banfield, Jr.


William F. Banfield, Jr RD  1944-1945 - - Submitted 8/21/07

I have pictures of my dad in uniform, several pictures of the crew and a "Commemorating First Anniversary" USS ESTES AGC-12) program, which you already have on your web site. I'll attempt to send you what I have. I have my father's dog tags, which read "WILLIAM FRANK JR. BANFIELD 898-51-58 T5/44TYPEA USNR-SV P". My father was born 01/25/07 in Sayre, PA and passed away 02/21/91 in San Antonio, TX.

Many thanks.
William F. Banfield III


William F. Banfield, Jr RD  1944-1945 - - Submitted 8/18/07

I am William F. Banfield III and a San Antonio, Texas Police Officer. My father, William F. Banfield Jr. served on the U.S.S. Estes as a radar operator during World War II, 1944 to 45 and was involved in the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. I do not know his rank as I am not familiar with U.S. Naval rank. I do have pictures of him in uniform and his shoulder patches. I would love to get a roster from that time showing my father’s name. I also understand that the “History Channel” on cable or dish has run a piece on the history of the U.S.S. Estes, which I would love to get. Any help in these areas would be appreciated.
My e-mail address is Home phone (830) 885 5424.

William "Bill" Banfield III


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