Pat Burns


Pat Burns  Seaman  1st Division 1964-1966 - - Submitted 12/07/05

Recollections of the good day on the Estes

      I remember the hot nights on the Asian seas and standing at the bow, of the ship as she rose and fell back to the ocean, with the porpoises swimming close to the bow. It was so peaceful at that time.  It was a time to think of family and friends back home.

      I remember the movies on the fantail and if you were not careful the Snipes would blow the tubes and soot would fall all over you.

     I also remember when, after being out on the firing range, at San Clemente Island, we did not have Flag aboard, and were waiting at night for daybreak so the tugs could bring us in. There were several ships we had been maneuvering with that had seniority over our captain and we dropped our anchor just a few feet under water and slowly moved, all night, to near the front of the convoy and was taken in a lot earlier then we should have and the captain got chewed out big time.

God Bless the USS Estes AGC-12

Pat Burns
Seaman 1st Division

1st Reunion 2006

I was on the Estes "64" - "66". 1st Division Seaman. Went to my 1st reunion this year, I learned more about the Estes there then all the time I spent on her. I suggest any one reading this come to the 2007 reunion in Kentucky. 

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