Billy E. Carr


Billy E. Carr RM-3  1961-1965 - - Submitted 7/14/11

My memories are many while I was aboard the USS Estes (AGC-12). We opened the Worlds Fair in Seattle in 1962, we opened the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon where I met my wife and had two wonderful girls, we visited Mazatlan Mexico twice and an ironic experience in that: We set sail to Hawaii and we were at sea when my lung collapsed with only enough time to put me on the Admiral's helicopter and rush me to Balboa hospital and return to the ship. While in the hospital, my sister called and told me that my father had passed away. My lung healed itself in one day, and I was able to get leave to attend his funeral and be with my family in a grieving period. I truly believe it was God's will that my lung collapsed spontaneously and then healed itself.

At the time I served, I was an aspiring musician and I can remember that some of my ship mates, sometimes got irritated at my continuous playing "Honky Tonk" on the guitar. I eventually become a professional musician and still am. I eventually became a recording artist and have made a record and a music video which can be viewed on youtube. I created my own band, "Cadillac Country" and opened for several country artist ie: Barbara Mandrel and George Jones.

Bill Carr

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