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Guy Estes AM-2  1944-1945 - - Submitted 10/10/10


I just happened to see the site and thought I would add my dad to your crew roster if you are interested.

His data:

Guy Estes , AM-2 (Aerographer's Mate), Aerography group (on Adm. Blandy's staff I think), 1944-45 (Iwo Jima, Okinawa), d. 3/9/1979.

More info is available on him at the,, and, all of which I put there. One of these have a brief diary he wrote while at Okinawa.

I also have a picture of the USS Estes taken in Shanghai, dated 9 Nov 1945. In addition I have a shipboard picture of the Aerography group showing my dad, Phil Hartmann, Grayson (?) Moore, and 4 other unidentified members. Phil had the same USS Estes service history as my dad, and I know that he died in Jan 2005. I also have some info on Donald Lawerence who was also on the Estes in 1944-45. He was earlier on the USS Rich that was sunk off Normandy in 1944, and I have his letter of commendation for heroism during that sinking as well as a picture of him. He died very young, before my dad.

Please let me know if you put any of this info on your site, and I will take a look at it.

Thanks for your efforts in maintaining the site!

Best Regards,
Guy P. Estes, son

PS: Some years ago I attended the Estes Association meeting when it was held in Estes Park, CO. I met Noah Joyner there.

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