Arnold Feidt


Arnold Feidt 1952-1954 - - Submitted 7/22/17

My dad, Arnie Feidt, was on the Estes from 51-53, supporting both Operation Ivy and Blue Nose.      He still had his Blue Nose book in his personal effects.

Arnie was "officially" assigned to the Estes on 09Dec52, although, since he has an Enewetak participant certificate, the actual date may have been sooner.     He served on the Estes until 24Jun54, when he was tranferred from the Estes and assigned to the Cabildo.
Richard Feidt
Arnie's son.

1953 Task Force Nine Cruise to Pt. Barrow, Alaska

1953 Photos of USS Estes

Estes 1953

Estes 1953


Estes Calendar 1954-1955

Jul 54

Aug 54

Sep 54

Oct 54

Nov 54

Dec 54

Jan 55

Feb 55

Mar 55

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Arnie Feidt & Friends

Oct 13, 1953

July 1952


Laguna Mountain Lodge



Commissarymen Training


Top: G.B. Adkins
Bluefield, WV

G.W. White
New Albany, MS

In Front of Officer's Headquarters


Great Lakes
Naval Training Center


Holiday Party


Beach Party


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