Mike Kerrigan


Mike Kerrigan ET2  1953-1955 - - Submitted 12/28/06

My name is Mike Kerrigan and I was aboard the Estes from 1953 to 1956. I was an ET2 when I left the ship and a seaman when I first came aboard in San Diego. The interesting Operation Castle filled most of my early experience with electronic detonation of a thermo nuclear device. (come to think of it not many can say that even now) I watched the first one topside and after that I went below until it had been detonated. I still get hackles on my neck when I hear, nine, eight, seven, etc.

I remember the first time we went to General Quarters for real, I vividly remember being the first Americans in a place called Vietnam up the river to Saigon. I still remember that gal that exercised on the balcony of the Hotel Saigon every morning until one day her husband looked out and saw all the guys from the Estes watching her and that ended quickly. I remember ordering Steak and bon frit in the restaurants. The exchanging of dollars for piastres in the opium dens. They had the highest exchange rates. The girls working off the taxes the French had levied against their family homes were memories that last a long time.

The trips to Korea during Christmas time and running back to Japan after the appropriate amount of time to get the tax deductions are other things I still remember. Going to the Phillipines to pick up the Flag but on the way we ran into a typhoon and the flag decided to meet us in Saigon after they flew in. We had to fight our way across the Pacific during the typhoon. The waves were as high as the 05 deck where we had a small room for the radar systems.

Even in my 70's now I still can remember a lot of what went on if anyone needs a referral I can still be reached at
Mike Kerrigan

Mike Kerrigan ET2  1953-1955 - - Submitted 1/1/07

All Hands,
I am now 71 years of age and my mind is not as sharp now as when I served on board the Estes. I served on the Estes from 1953 where I boarded her in San Diego to my departure in December of 1955 so I could be assigned to a ship in San Diego until the time of my discharge from the Navy in May of 1956.

The best plans didn't work out as I thought they would because my transfer from the Estes wasn't to shore duty but to an LSMR leaving for the Far East and they needed a senior ET. I was now an ET2 and joined the USS White River on its way to Eniwetok. All my great memories are still from the Estes as I was only 17 when I first came on board and not yet 21 when I was to be discharged. If anyone needs to find out about what happened while I was there then just send me an email and I will answer it within 24 hours. Oh the memories that creep back into my mind when I think about those days.

Mike Kerrigan ET2

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