Robert (Ski) Majchrzak


Robert (Ski) Majchrzak CS-SN  1954-1958 - S Div - Submitted 3/9/12

Served 1955 thru 1958 as CS-SN in the  Butcher Shop, Galley, Bake Shop. Nicknamed Ski the Butcher.

Worked with, John D. - Robert Rainwater - Martin Webber - Raymond Scott - Chief Hicks - Frank McCredie (Deceased) - many others but I can't recall the names at this time.

Chief Hicks was our Commissary in Charge. Can't remember officers in charge of our Division at the moment, our Department Head lives in Tucson, AZ Cmd. Porduzak (spelling).

I went on the internet to try and find some info about the Estes coming from Japan to San Diego, our ship was hit by a Typhoon? Do you have any pictures on this.

I didn't want to leave the Navy in 58, my dad died and seven months later I tried to come back and they said after six months I could not come back, my brother divorced and screwed things up for me. We had a good group of guys, team work, whatever you want to call it, my friend MacCredie worked in the galley, he died a few years back from Madison, Wisconsin, he wanted me to find one of his friends from Michigan, his named was Leonard, never found him. I'm going on 75 yrs young my memory is fading and my bowling legs are gone, can't climb a ladder any more. I'm not ready for the moth balls, like to live to a hundred if I could. Have any info lets hear from you.

majorjake@cableone was our dogs name, we sure loved that Pug.

CSSN Robert (Ski) Majchrzak 1954-58 Supply Division-Butcher/Baker/Galley

1734 Rolling Hills Drive Prescott, AZ 86303.........Originally from Michigan.

I butcher and cook, the wife likes me cooking, she cleans and washes the clothes. We don't step in each others way. We helped put two daughters through college and both are happily married. We have four grandchildren.

Robert (Bob) (Ski) Majchrzak

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