Bernard C. Mallard


Bernard C. Mallard, Cpl - USMC - 46 - Submitted 03/21/07

My Uncle Bernard C. Mallard, U.S.M.C., Cpl., served on the Estes in 1946. I have a copy of the Christmas Menu for December 25th, 1946 with in Tsingtao, China. My Uncle passed on February 26, 2007 at the age of 85 yrs. In the last few days of his life he talked about his tour aboard the Estes.

Philip Sheldon

Bernard C. Mallard, Cpl - USMC - 46 - Submitted 03/22/07

He related a story to me about when he served on the Estes. He was sent on a clandestine mission, with others, on the successful rescue an "America elected law maker". This individual was being held a prisoner/hostage by one of the Chinese Warlords operating in that era.

He was first in China as a contract worker with the Flying Tigers in early 1942. By July of 42' he was a private in the 23rd Airforce, 75th Squadron. He served in China until the end of WW2. Six months after the war ended he had enlisted in the U.S.M.C.. But during his WW2 years his group had been stationed at various airfields in Southern China. Because of his specific knowledge of the facility this 'law maker' was being held, his knowledge was used to guide the rescue team. I asked him who it was they rescued, he just smiled at me for the answer!

Anyway all these Great Americans of WW2 really all were heroes. My brother and I were very popular among our peers because we had an Uncle in the Flying Tigers, the stuff movies were made about!


Bernard C. Mallard, Cpl - USMC - 46 - Submitted 03/23/07

Christmas 1946 Menu - Tsingtao, China

Christmas 46 Cover

Christmas 46 Page 1

Christmas 46 Page 2

Christmas 46 Page 3

Christmas 46 Page 4

Christmas 46 Page 5


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