Joseph (Joe) Mendiola


Joseph (Joe) Mendiola RM2 OR Division 1964-1966 - - Submitted 9/13/07

09/14/07...By sheer curiosity I "goggled" the USS Estes AGC-12, and got your website. Still curious I got your Email and would like to introduce myself:

Joseph (Joe) Mendiola RM2. Was on board 64-66 under the OR Division.

I remembered Louie Hookland, RM3 and Robert (Bob) Parkhurst (RM1). Went on liberty at Qui Non twice, Vietnam south of Danang.

We pulled the first amphibious landing in Nam in the Vung Tau Peninsula. I think we did so later also at Chu Lai. Still have my "Tour" Book with all its pictures.

Would like to correspond with anyone and compare notes. Might hook up with others. Sure would be real great to do so. Can't remember everyones names right off.

I am from Guam (U.S. Territory, Southernmost of the Marinas Island). Any of you guys who is a WWII war buff would know where that is right away.

So, let me know if you want to chat. OK?
My Email is,
PH: (671) 632-9235,
Address: PO Box 21465,
Barrigada, Guam 96921

Joseph (Joe) Mendiola RM2 OR Division 1964-1966 - - Submitted 11/8/11


If u need to reach me, this is my new email address, Hope to hear from you all.
Have a nice day and to the Guamanian folks:
hafa adai, "where America's day begins"!

si joseph mendiola

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