Toney Mihelic


Toney Mihelic RM-1  1944-1946 - C Div. - Submitted 10/14/09
I am a plankowner, LCDR Toney Mihelic USN Ret.

I was in C Div with Noah Joyner SM-1 upon commissioning

Toney Mihelic RM-1  1944-1946 - C Div. - Submitted 7/11/10

Toney Mihelic VIRGINIA BEACH - Our "Pop" was devoted to family, God and country. He was born in Demopolis, Ala., and passed away on June 9, 2010 and joined his wife, Rose (June 25, 2009).

He served for 30 years with the United States Navy and retired as lieutenant commander in communications. He served during World War II and the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was stationed on the USS John R. Pearce, Estes and Independence. In Nanking, China, 1949, he wed Rose, who was serving under General Chennault's Flying Tigers. In 1964, he took the family for a tour of duty in Naples, Italy at NATO. His second career was as an estimator with the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Pop could do anything: handyman, plumber, electrician, heating and air, carpenter, author-writer, cook, provider and protector who would wipe all our fears away. A humble servant of God, Pop attended Mass faithfully. And as a poem says, he won't just be sitting on a cloud when he gets to heaven, he'll be busy oiling the gates and smoothing the way for his loved ones. A Catholic memorial mass and reception will be celebrated at The First Landing Chapel of Fort Story Military Base, Virginia Beach, Monday, July 12, at noon. The date of the interment at Arlington National Cemetery will be announced at the memorial mass.

Published in The Virginian Pilot on July 4, 2010

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