Memorabilia from USS  Estes


Submitted by Charlie Porter ETN2

USS Estes wall plaque
USS Estes wall plaque

Custom embroidered work jacket
Custom embroidered work jacket


Submitted by Joel Canfield

While scanning albums of family pictures I came across the attached letter that was in the photo album from Gold Beach, Oregon. Sometime between June 1965 and June 1967 my mother found a letter in a bottle while beach-combing for Japanese glass floats. The letter states that the note and bottle were from the Estes, and asks the finder to contact EPDOCONUS.

On a whim, I decided to do an internet search and was amazed to discover that the USS Estes is the name of a real ship. The second search indicated that EPDOCONUS is short for "Enlisted Personnel Distribution Office, Continental United States".

Although I have memories of my parents being quite pleased at finding the fun note in the bottle, I do not remember what the bottle looked like. I thought I would scan the note and send it to you, on the slight chance that someone at the next reunion might recognize the handwriting on the note.

Thank you,

Letter in a Bottle

Submitted by Eugene Selby RD-3

Centenial Year

British Columbia Naval Review 1958

Estes Hat and Mug

Estes Hat and Mug


Submitted by Richard Feidt for Arnie Feidt

Estes Calendar 1954-1955

Jul 54

Aug 54

Sep 54

Oct 54

Nov 54

Dec 54

Jan 55

Feb 55

Mar 55

Apr 55

May 55

Jun 55

Submitted by Donald Karr SF3

Estes Patch


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