Estes Reunion Registration Form 2005


Address:______________________________________________________  Phone:(______)______________


State:__________________________ Zip Code: _________________________
Guest Names:________________________________________________________________________________

How many people will be attending? _____________

How many hotel rooms will you need?   _____ 1             _____2            

How will you be arriving? __________________________________________________________________

Will you need airport transportation to/from the hotel? ______ yes     ______ no
(Transportation is available only for Columbus Airport, cost is $26.00. Waiting time for transportation will depend upon arrival times of reunion attendees.)

Airline Name _______________________________________________________________________________ 

Arrival date/time __________________________ Departure date/time ___________________________

Will you be staying at a campground facility? ______ yes           ______ no

Campers may reduce their price by $100 per person

More information about the hotel, The Place Off the Square, Newark, Ohio is located on:


Directions from Columbus airport to Newark. WEBSITE for Colubus Airport: (“From Wheeling” would be the driving directions. Remember to reverse the directions to get you to Newark.)

The Place Off the Square Continental breakfast consists of:
Fresh fruit, Bagels, Donuts, Waffles, Coffee, Hot Tea, Juices

Print this form -- Fill it out
Mail to:
	Jane Sinon 
	Independent Longaberger® Sales Coordinator 
	2581 Martinsburg Road 
	Utica, OH 43080
	Home #: 740-668-7825 
	Fax #: 740-364-1947