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Hi all,

My name is Wayne Wright, I was on the USS ESTES AGC-12 from Dec. 1965 to 1969. I was in First Div. all the time I was on the ship. I'm having a real great time putting the 2009 reunion together. It will be September 2nd - 6th, 2009.

My wife, Cindy, and I have been spending our last 5 summers (our 6 th is coming up ) at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon and Cape Disappointment State Park in Washington. This is where the Columbia River is the border between the two states of Oregon and Washington. The Columbia River is 4 miles wide where the Astoria Megler Bridge crosses the river and connects Oregon and Washington state. We'll be crossing the river on the Washington tour. This area is really beautiful. That's why I thought it would be a great place for a reunion and because there is so much to see and do. Four days just is not enough time to see everything, you need at least a week.

Astoria sets 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean and right on the water front of the Columbia River. It was one of the first sea ports on the West coast. During the Civil War the president had three Forts built to block off the Columbia river from enemy attacks. Fort Stevens in Oregon with Coastal Battery 245, Fort Columbia Coastal Battery 246 across the river on the Washington side and Fort Canby Coastal Battery 247 also on the Washington side. The three Forts were put there to get any enemies trying to sail up the river in a cross fire. All three forts were up graded for both World War1 and World War 2 .

Tour 1 is on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, first stop for a few min. is the Astoria Column where you can see for miles in a 360 degree circle, you can see miles of the rivers and the ocean. It is highly recommended to bring a camera along on both of the tours as there will be many photo ops. Then on to Fort Clatsop where Lewis and Clark built the Fort to winter in while getting ready for their trip home. From there we will go on to Fort Stevens State Park and the War Museum. It will take 2 or 3 hours to see everything here, they even have an old army 6 by 6 truck to ride in around the Fort. The guard house is like it was in World War 1 and 2. Then a short stop at the ship wreck of the Peter Iredale stuck on the beach at Fort Stevens and then back to the Red Lion.

For those with R.V.s , Fort Stevens has 650 camp spaces and I can tell you where to call for reservations.

Friday is a free day, except for the "Ladies Only Tea" at the 100 or more year old mansion The Flavel house. Ladies, this house is full of antiques and is set up just the way it was when the Flavel family lived there. If you like antiques, this should not be missed. There is also a gift shop on site that is just lovely. The cost for the Ladies Tea and touring the house will be $12.00 and you need to make reservations as soon as possible because they only have room for 29 ladies.

For the guys you can nap or go Salmon Fishing, the season will still be on and an out of state license is only $12.00 per person. Or you could ride the trolley to the Maritime Museum and go through it, the cost for this is $8.00 at the door and the trolley is only $2.00 per person, which is good for all day.

Saturday we will cross the river and again I highly recommend that you bring your camera as you could see a eagle or two sitting on wood pilings, sticking out of the water, or if it is low tide you may even get to see one eating its catch on a sand bar. On the Washington side of the river we'll stop for a few minutes at the Dismal Nitch where Lewis and Clark stopped for a few days to wait for the weather to clear up enough to go on to the ocean 10 miles away. Only 5 miles on is Fort Columbia Coastal battery 246 . We will stop to look it over, then on to North Head light house where we can go up in the light house for a tour of the light house. Again, this could be a really nice photo op as one never knows just what may be seen. There is also a gift shop in one of the original buildings, as well as the three light keepers houses. Then on to Cape Disappointment light house and the Lewis and Clark interpretive center ( another wonderful photo op ), and Fort Canby Coastal battery 247. All three of these are in the same spot. Then we will stop at the US Cape Disappointment Coast Guard Base and tour it on our way back to the Red Lion.

Saturday at 18.00 we will get on the water front trolley and ride about a mile to the Wet Dog Cafe and Astoria Brewing Co. for our Banquet dinner and then ride back to the Red Lion. The choice of Entrees will be Prime Rib or Teriyaki Baked Salmon.

Sunday most everybody will ride the bus back to the Portland airport and fly home SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.


If you want to stay longer, Sunday there will be a Civil War Re-enactment with 600 to 800 men fighting the Civil War. If you are still not ready to leave, we can still find something to do.

You can make room reservations at the Red Lion Inn in Astoria, Oregon for $89.00 a night per couple. I do encourage you to make them as soon as possible to get our hospitality room at no charge. If you need to, you can cancel them with out penalties up to 3 days before the Sept .2, 2009 dead line. Call 1-503-440-4772 and tell them you are with the Estes Reunion. Heather at Sun Dial Travel in Astoria , Oregon will take plane reservations at 1-800-433-1164 or 1-503-325-4484 so she can get everybody into the Portland airport as close to the same time as possible so you can ride the bus on into Astoria The bus from Portland to Astoria will take about one hour and cost $55.00 round trip per person. If you don't want to ride the bus, you may rent a car. There will be a 50/50 Raffle for $20.00 if you want to gamble and help with other costs. Your Association Dues need to be paid . In closing I think the Registration is going to be about $110.00 per person just like last year. So if you add up the four nights in the room, the Banquet Dinner,two tours, and the Registration it will be about $580.00 per couple.


If you have any questions please write me at:
Wayne Wright
P.O.Box 85
Hammond Oregon 97121

or E-Mail me at:

or Call me at:
1-503-298-7030 or 1-480-273-7652.

Bye for now Wayne

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