USS Estes History in Photos - 1961


Cruise Book 1961  Cruise Book 1961

Submitted by Franklin Heiser, Jr.

Franklin Heiser, Jr. BM-SN  1960-1962 - - Submitted 6/24/06

Franklin Heiser JR...... I was a ....BMSN .... I served aboard the ESTES from 1960 ..1962 Went on a far east cruise, best time I spent was in Hong Kong with the guys,had a great time aboard the ship and the ports we went to. Anyone who would like to contact me I am in N.J. and would love to hear from others who served aboard at that time. The greatest time as a young man for me.

Submitted by Ronald D. Lehn

Ronald D. Lehn  BM Seaman  2nd Division 1960-1962 - - Submitted 6/02/07

My name is Ronald D.Lehn I was a BMSN aboard the Estes from 1960 thru 1962. At that time myself and almost the whole assault boat coswains were transfered to the USS Talladega (APA-208) out of Long Beach, CA. I was in the second div. Was also an L.S.O. for flight opps.While in Manila in 1961 we caught a 5 foot shark off the after well deck while the capt.watched us. Op Pony Express in Borneo we slept on the flight deck at night because it was so darn hot. I had a hard time coming from an LST to a Flag ship but I finally did and she turned out to be a good ole girl.

What ever happened to her was she scraped?
Let me know any info you can.
R.R.Lehn at

Thanks Ron.

Submitted by Scott Sarley

Teddy Ray Sarley SA  1961-1963 - - Submitted 7/1/16

Pictures I recently found of my grandpa, Teddy Ray Sarley, who served in the early 60s.
Scott Sarley

Teddy Ray Sarley

PhibGru3 Boat Crew
Boat Crew Patch
Phib Gru-3

OO1 Div - 1961;
OO1 Division


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