Ken Krouse


Ken Krouse SF-3  1965-1966 - R Div - Submitted 1/18/11

Letter in a Bottle

I may be way off on this, but I do rember laughing when the guys threw it over. But you know 45 yrs. does a lot to a brain...

But I think one guy was involved and his name was Oteiono, I think Bob or robert. He was straight from New York, a fun guy but a little rough. He was a U.D.T reject because he got into trouble! He was funny but he would take on any dare! We were in Da Nang, I think, and he went for a swim on the fantail, how he got back aboard I'll never know! But I do not see his pic's or anything! It was 1965, I lifted weights with him in a lower storage compartment! Don't know what happened?

I also remember we went fishing and they had to pass out the fishing gear and Oteiono and I and others would get fishing rods and cast out and we put bait on and caught crapper fish!!! You know what they were! Anyway, we also got into trouble with the Captain because I think we were off the coast of San Deigo and when we caught a fish we left it on the hook and cast it out also and then the gulls would grab them and swallow them and then we would crack up when the gulls tried to fly. Eventually the gulls would regurgitate the fish and let go. The Captain was steamed, but he must have laughed a little. He sent word that the Coast Guard arrest us because the gulls were a protected species and we would have had a heavy fine and also done time, if caught.

The Captain could have easily turned us in, but did not! he was an O.K. Captain!

Ken krouse

Ken Krouse SF-3  1965-1966 - R Div - Submitted 1/19/11

Ken Krouse

Ken Krouse
We were headed on a landing in Chu Lai! Taken before we boarded the PA boats!

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