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Joel Canfield  - - Submitted 8/28/07


While scanning albums of family pictures I came across the attached letter that was in the photo album from Gold Beach, Oregon. Sometime between June 1965 and June 1967 my mother found a letter in a bottle while beach-combing for Japanese glass floats. The letter states that the note and bottle were from the Estes, and asks the finder to contact EPDOCONUS.

On a whim, I decided to do an internet search and was amazed to discover that the USS Estes is the name of a real ship. The second search indicated that EPDOCONUS is short for "Enlisted Personnel Distribution Office, Continental United States".

Although I have memories of my parents being quite pleased at finding the fun note in the bottle, I do not remember what the bottle looked like. I thought I would scan the note and send it to you, on the slight chance that someone at the next reunion might recognize the handwriting on the note.

Thank you,

Letter in a Bottle

If anyone can add further information about this note: Who put it over the side? When? Where?

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