Murray A. Mcafee


Murray A. Mcafee  DM-SN - 1965-1966 - Submitted 2/24/09

Letter in a Bottle

I was there when the guys tossed it overboard.... we all read it... and thought it would be a good laugh for any one who would find it. INCREDABLE to see it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my god.

Well it was 43, years ago!!!!!...
However, as I recall we were about two days out - destination Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in1966. I do not remember any of the guys, I know they were not in the AFT boswans division (where I was stationed), or I would probably have heard about it earler in the day. The bottle went overboard on the port side, just forward  of the AFT deck.

About 4-5 guys, including myself, I had nothing to do with the letter or the bottle,but I think it was written on the aft deck somewhere, as it was created after some input from "the Guys". I was just there, on deck, and wandered over to see what the hell everyone was laughing about. It was funny!

Murray Mcafee


Letter in a Bottle

If anyone can add further information about this note: Who put it over the side? When? Where?

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Refer to Joel Canfield's submission of the Letter in a Bottle!

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