James T. (Tom) Shannon


James T. (Tom) Shannon QM-3  1953 - - Submitted 3/12/06

My name is James T. Shannon (Tom) QMS-3. I need some information and verification of an incident which occurred while the Estes was on a supply mission to Alaska. While underway off the coast of Alaska, the ship collided with a small iceberg causing some hull damage on the port bow.  Immediately inside the damaged area the hull was pushed in causing the asbestos  insulation to split open and the asbestos fibers were released into the air of the forward sleeping quarters and clothing lockers were torn off their mounts. I was a member of the flag allowance, ComPhibGru 3 which was embarked on the Estes at that time. I was in the immediate area of the damage and I have Asbestosis which has developed after all these years. I have submitted a claim to the veterans assn. for this disabling ailment, but they has dis-allowed my claim stating "I have not proved that I was aboard the  Estes during this trip. Any member who was aboard during the summer trip of 1953 to Alaska, and could offer any confirmation of this accident and proof that I was aboard would be sincerely appreciated. Please see attached photo for visual recognition. Please E-Mail me at my son's E-Mail address as follows. Please reply ASAP to assist in proving this claim. Many thanks.  James T. (Tom) Shannon Jr.

Midnight on the Estes
Midnight on the Estes - 1953

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