USS Estes History in Photos - 1951


Submitted by Frank Baillie

Lt. C.R. Barron

Korea Wx Gang

LT "Chuck" Barron Phib Gru 3 Weather/ Asst
Intelligence Officer
(received the bronze Star for Inchon forecast)

Staff / Ship's company - weather unit
Top row: LT Barron, SN striker Barkley, AG2 "Max" Scherbath, AG3 Banta, AG3 "Red: Reid, Chief Jones
front row: SN striker Sanguinetti, AGAN Dan Sala, AG3 Barrett, AG1 Frank Baillie

Frank Baillie 1948-52 - Lt - Submitted 10/1/08

Estes Aerographers 1951 at Yokosuka

Estes Aerographers 1951 Yokosuka

Unknown, Unknown, Frank Bailie

Unknown, Unknown



Jerry Hansz  - - Submitted 1/19/11


I have some photos of the Estes arriving in Moji, Japan in 1951.

I was Signal Chief at Moji Port at the time. Used to scrounge parts from your radiomen!

Jerald T. Hansz, CSM USA Retd’


Moji Port

Moji Port

Moji Port

Moji Port

USS Estes arriving at Moji Port 1951

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