USS Estes History in Photos - 1968


Cruise Book 1968  Cruise Book 1968

At Sea
Submitted by Charlie Porter ETN2

Unidentifed sailor on starboard boat deck
Unidentifed sailor on starboard boat deck

Da Nang Harbor 1968
Submitted by Charlie Porter ETN2

Da Nang Harbor
Da Nang Harbor

BBQ 1968
Submitted by Charlie Porter ETN2

Aft Boat Deck BBQ
Aft Boat Deck BBQ

Return from WestPac 1968
Submitted by Charlie Porter ETN2

Family Greeting Estes Crew
Family Greeting Estes Return August 1968


Mike Demarco PN-2  1967-1969 - - Submitted 7/14/08

Here are a few pictures.

Goofing off on the 40MM mount

Anchored in Danang Harbor

PN2 DeMarco driving a rented jeep with the Estes in the background.  Phil Parsons is in the front seat but I am not sure who is in the backseat

I am sure you recognize "Ghost", the USS Estes helo when we were the flagship

Personnel Office
Front row, Personnelman Phil Parsons, Personnelman Jim Shackelford, Machinist Mate (?) Bob Bowdoin, Yoeman Mull, Back row, Personnelman Lybarger, Commissaryman Sight, Personnelman Ralph Thompson

Thompson & Sight
Commissaryman Sight dropped by the Personnel office quite often.  We were always glad to see him because he was a great guy and always brought cinnamon rolls.  Also pictured is Personnelman Ralph Thompson

Xray Division
Front row, Mull, Thompson, Parsons, Bassett, Lybarger. Back row, unknown and Shackelford


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