U.S.S. Estes AGC/LCC-12 Crew Roster
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Years Aboard

Last Name First Name Rank/Rate Division Years Aboard Contact Info
Hilburn Edgar Marlo        
Burgans Theron     51-55 Theron Burgans, USN
piped ashore September 26, 2013
Thompson Robert K.     44-45 Robert K. Thompson, USN
piped ashore Aug 8, 2014
Bowling Gerald Dean        
DeLesstine Harold     44-45  
Caylor, Jr. James C.   Amphibious Group Command 44-45  
Miller Audie Ray   2nd Div, Charlie Div & OR Div 52-60 Audie Ray Miller, USN
piped ashore Dec 27, 2018
Horvatin Raymond J.     44-46  ContactContact Info
McCoy Glen     52-60 Glen McCoy, USN
piped ashore November 10, 2004
Soule Kenneth O.   T Div 50-53  
Read R.C.     44-46  ContactContact Info
Socha Richard L.     51-52 Richard L. Socha, USN
piped ashore

ContactContact Info
Golloher Charles H.     47-48 Charles H. Golloher, USN
piped ashore
Gosen Tom     60-61 Tom Gosen, USN
piped ashore
Poehler Allen   Photo Div 46 Allen Poehler, USN
piped ashore 2008
Feidt Arnold     52-54  
Lipscomb John H.        
Thibeault Joseph     45 Joseph_Thibeault, USN
piped ashore March 20, 1990
O’Connell Daniel     44-45 Daniel O’Connell, USN
piped ashore October 13, 1987
Chesley William (Bill)       William (Bill) Chesley, USN
piped ashore September 25, 2012
Stern William Donald     60’s William Donald Stern, USN
piped ashore 2004
Haskin Lorin Dean   A Division 66 Lorin Dean Haskin, USN
piped ashore 2007
DeBenedetto John J.     44-45 John J. DeBenedetto, USN
piped ashore Jan 25, 2008
Wlodyka John     66-67  
Krohn Ralph   2nd 62-64  ContactContact Info
Wright Wayne   1st 65-69  ContactContact Info
Lee Harold E.   OS 60-62  ContactContact Info
Montgomery Gary     57-60  ContactContact Info
Miracle John S.     52-54 John S. Miracle, USN
piped ashore 1995

ContactContact Info
Payne James Hubert     48 James Hubert Payne, USN
piped ashore
Jernigan Bruce   Deck 68-69  
Neher Oswald M.     44  
Schendel Ross        
Schirra Walter(Wally) (Jr.)   Adm. Cooke Staff 46 Walter (Wally) Schirra, Jr., USN
piped ashore 5/3/2007
Olding James Edward        
Garton Charles     51-52  
Bishop G.E. 1st Lt Communications 51-54 G.E. Bishop, USN
piped ashore
Lynch Richard G. AG-1 Aviation
Meterology Unit
56  ContactContact Info
Joseph George Joe AG-2 OA 55-57  ContactContact Info
Bogin Harold AG-3 Aviation 53  
Sankus Anthony V. AG-3 Aviation 55-59  
Estes Guy AM-2 Admiral Blandy Staff 44-45 Guy Estes USN
piped ashore Mar 9, 1979

ContactContact Info
Weir Frank E. BM-1 1st
Tsing Tao ,China
Breeden Lester J. BM-2 1st & Master-at-Arms 67-69  ContactContact Info
Mccann Thomas BM-2 1st 67-68  ContactContact Info
Holma Lyle W. BM-2 2nd & 1st Divisions 51-55  
Chandler Bernie BM-3 1st Div 68-69  ContactContact Info
Price Blaine W. BM-3 2nd Div 51-53  
Wilson Jerry BM-3 1st 66-68  ContactContact Info
Kurtz Ken BM-3 2nd Division 66-69  ContactContact Info
Gilmer Charles BM-3 LPO Boat Division 64-67  
Morris Larry BM-3 1st Division 61-63  ContactContact Info
Taylor Cecil (Skip) BM-3 2nd 63-67  
Bales Morris BM-SN 1st Division 60-64  
Heiser, Jr. Franklin BM-SN   60-62  ContactContact Info
Lehn Ronald D. BM-SN 2nd 60-62  ContactContact Info
Combes William S. (Steve) BMSN 2nd Div
Ship’s Bugler N Div
62-64  ContactContact Info
Kirchoff Ronald R. BT Engineering 55-56  ContactContact Info
Smith Robert BT-1 Mike 51-54  
Bowles William (Bill) BT-2 B 59-63  ContactContact Info
Weaver Don BT-2 B 57-61  ContactContact Info
Smith Dell BT-3 B 65-69  
Haydon Jon T. BT-3 M Div 65-68  ContactContact Info
Whittier Alan BT-3 M Division 66-69  ContactContact Info
Wood Gerald W. BT-C B 58-61  ContactContact Info
Parsons G.E. Dick CPL Marine Communications Detachment 57-58  ContactContact Info
Day Lee P. CS-2 S-1 Div 66-67 Lee P. Day, USN
piped ashore Mar 16, 1976

ContactContact Info
Brown George CS-2 S-1 52-58 George Brown, USN
piped ashore 6/1977

ContactContact Info
Jones Harold (Mickey) CS-2 S Division 66-68  ContactContact Info
Doyle Francis William CS-2C S-1 59-64  
Errico Frank Anthony CS-2C S 43-44 Frank Anthony Errico, USN
piped ashore 1996
Majchrzak Robert (Ski) CS-SN S Div 54-58  ContactContact Info
Hermansen Bruce H. CYN-3 Communications 68-69  ContactContact Info
Cross Leo G. CYN-3 CR Division 67  ContactContact Info
Layton James CYN-3 CR 67-69  ContactContact Info
Holtwick Jack S. Capt. CO 52-53  
Pellett William H. Capt.   64 William H. Pellett USN
piped ashore Jan 17, 2005
Ingham John W. Cdr.   60's John W. Ingham, USN
piped ashore 1998
Cheatham Augustus B. Cmdr XO 68-69 Augustus B. Cheatham, USN
piped ashore 1990’s
Little Charles Arthur Cox   44-45  ContactContact Info
Mallard Bernard C. Cpl USMC 46 Bernard C. Mallard, USMC
piped ashore 2/26/2007
Eaton Leland DC-3 R Div 61-63  ContactContact Info
Smothers Cecil DC-FN R Division 50-54  ContactContact Info
Dondanville D. DK-3 S-1 64-66  
Harrison Bruce W. DM-2 I Div 52-55  ContactContact Info
Gonzales Gerald DM-2   60-61  ContactContact Info
Powell Robert (Bob) P. DM-3 OA Div 65 Robert P. (Bob) Powell, USN
piped ashore 2/18/2019
Mcafee Murray A. DM-SN 1st Division 65-66  ContactContact Info
Hale Richard L. DMC I Div 51-53  
Kessler Cedric DT H Division 65-66  ContactContact Info
Ingles John Wesley Eudean (Snake) E-3   54-58 John Wesley Eudean (Snake) Ingles, USN
piped ashore 3/3/2009

ContactContact Info
Doubt Daniel S. EM Electrician 55  
Ivins Rex EM-1 Electrical Div. 56-57 Rex Ivins, USN
piped ashore
Pillows Steven EM-2 E Division 65-67  ContactContact Info
Ticer Tommy Ray EM-2 Electrical Div. 55-57  ContactContact Info
Hall Ravon Ray EM-2 E Div. 61-64  ContactContact Info
Rule, Jr. William Henry EM-2 E 52-55  
Adams George EM-2 E Division 52-54  
Fontaine Wayne K. EM-2 E Division 56-60  
Vinkler Paul EM-2C A & M Division 44-46  ContactContact Info
Ferguson Arnold A. EM-2C   43-46 Arnold A. Ferguson, USN
piped ashore 4/12/11

ContactContact Info
Ledsworth Gary D. (Led's) EM-3 E 65-68  ContactContact Info
Mills Kenneth J. EM-3 E 69  ContactContact Info
Cummings Robert V. (Bud) EM-3 E Division 67-68  ContactContact Info
Price Harry EM-FN E Division 69  ContactContact Info
Morin George E. EM-FN Engineering 45-49 George E. Morin, USN
piped ashore

ContactContact Info
Bradburn Danny EM-FR Engineering 65  
Lance R. Frank EN-2 A 53-56  
Henecke David Lee EN-3 A Div 63-66  
Nelson Carl EN-3 A 67-69  
Bruemmer Jerry ENS/LTjg 1st/OI 59-61  ContactContact Info
Winkler James W. (Wink) ET C 43-46 James W. (Wink) Winkler, USN
piped ashore 1/14/90
Falk, Jr. Albert H. ET C 43-46  
Boyd John ET-1   50’s John Boyd, USN
piped ashore April 25, 2005
Daniels Paul A. ET-2 OE Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Doty Robert ET-2 OE 60-61  ContactContact Info
Gass Larry ET-2 OE 59-62  
Smith Gerald (Jerry) G. ET-2 Electronics 47-49  ContactContact Info
Espy Roger E. ET-2 OE 58-61  ContactContact Info
Kerrigan Mike ET-2 OE 53-55  ContactContact Info
Morris William (Bill) ET-2 OE Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
LeBrun G.O. (Jud) LeBrun ET-3 Communications 45-46 G.O. (Jud)LeBrun, USN
piped ashore 1997
Mitchell Dallas E. ET-3 OE 61  ContactContact Info
Morris Richard ET-3 OE Division 58-60  ContactContact Info
Lindenberg Norman ETC Communications & Electronics 44-46  
Wenner Harry M. ETM-1C C 44-46 Harry M. Wenner, USN
piped ashore 7/28/2015
Wise William A. (Bill) ETM-2 C 43-46 William A. Wise, USN
piped ashore 11/2/20111
Naramore Robert (Bob) S. ETM-2C C 43-46 Robert (Bob) S. Naramore, USN
piped ashore 4/23/12
Johnson Donald R. ETM-2C C 44-46 Donald R. Johnson, USN
piped ashore 11/6/2008
Recoy Dennis E. ETN-2 CE 67-68  ContactContact Info
Porter Charlie ETN-2 CE 66-69 Charlie Porter, USN
piped ashore July 18, 2019

ContactContact Info
Hartnett William M. ETN-2 OE 65-67  ContactContact Info
Jenan Roger ETN-2 Electronics 55-57  ContactContact Info
Schon Clyde D. ETN-2 OE Division 56-58  ContactContact Info
Terry Daniel ETN-2 CE Div 67-69  ContactContact Info
Clark Daniel ETN-2 OE 62-66  ContactContact Info
Keown David F. ETN-3 CE Division 66-67  ContactContact Info
Raskin Raye ETN-3 Unknown
Decommissioning Crew
69  ContactContact Info
Graham Ronald ETR-2 OE Division 57-59  ContactContact Info
Brady James K. ETR-2 OE 57-60  ContactContact Info
Olson Jon R. ETR-2 OE 62-65  
Wharton Gerald (Jerry) E. ETR-2 CE 68-69  ContactContact Info
Riggen Jim ETR-2 OE 61-63  ContactContact Info
Shriner Ernie ETR-2 CE Div 65-68  ContactContact Info
Clark Rolan O. ETR-2 OE Division 58-61  
Cherry Richard F. ETR-3 OE 65-66  ContactContact Info
Ortiz Arthur G. ETR-3 CE 68-69  ContactContact Info
Draves Richard A. ETR-3 CE Division 66-67  ContactContact Info
Lee Loy Gerald Damian ETR-3 CE Div 67-68 Gerald Damian Lee Loy, USN
piped ashore May 1, 2015
Chenoweth Michael ETR-3 CE 69  ContactContact Info
Culley Donnell Ens CE Div Officer, EMO 68-69  ContactContact Info
Boozer Louis Ensign M Div (62-63)
1st Div (63-64)
62-64  ContactContact Info
Holcomb Franklin Ensign Disbursing Officer 51-53  ContactContact Info
Brewer Charles F-1 A 50-54  
Phillips Henry A. F-1C   44-45 Henry A. Phillips, USN
piped ashore March 6, 1986

ContactContact Info
Casari Gerald M. FM   65-66  
Craig Kenneth B. FM-1C Electrical 46-48  ContactContact Info
Wise Allen C. FN E 66-69  
Caruso John FN M Division 65-68  ContactContact Info
Wegner James Thomas FN R Div. 68-69  
Mallory Gerald R. FN   56-58 Gerald R. Mallory, USN
piped ashore January 18, 2007
Sparkman Frank FN E Div 67-68  ContactContact Info
McMullen Gail FN   56-57  
Davenport Fred B. FP-3   53-56  ContactContact Info
Holliday Alfred E. FTG-3 Gunnery Division 65-68  
Rodenbeck Theodore (Tedd) FTG-SN 3rd Division 65-66 Tedd Rodenbeck, USN
piped ashore 10/14/2014

ContactContact Info
Rue George R. Fireman-1C   44-45  ContactContact Info
Horton Edward GM 3rd 69 William Edward (Ed) Horton, USN
piped ashore July 2, 2010
Geiselman Ralph GM-2 Gunnery Division 45  ContactContact Info
Martin James A. GM-3 F Division 50-54 James A. (Jimmy) Martin, USN
piped ashore 10/8/1987
Turner Joe B. GM-3 3rd 56-60  
Hunter, Jr. Luther N. GM-C   44-46 Lutherer N. Hunter, USN
piped ashore 4/7/13

ContactContact Info
Whitaker Gene D. GMG-3 3rd 64-66  ContactContact Info
Grant W.J. GMG-3 3rd 69  
Koxlien Alan HM-2 H 68-69  ContactContact Info
Wiley Larry HM-2 H-Division 68-69  ContactContact Info
Borenstein Murray HM-3   52  
Rausch Henry J. (Jr) HM-C H 69-70  ContactContact Info
Marshal Don Cookie IC-2 E 59-63  ContactContact Info
Spoor Berkley L. IC-2 E Division 56-60  
Freeman Don IC-3 E Division 57-60  ContactContact Info
Shisler Dennis IC-FN E 66-68  
Baillie Frank LDO Lt. Admiral Badger Staff 48-49
Hammond Tom LI-1 OA 66-67  
Hennessy Richard LI-3 OA Division 66-68  
Klang Ronald Ray LI-4 OA Div 64-67  ContactContact Info
Long Robert G. LT jg Map Reproduction 44-46  ContactContact Info
Dorton, Jr. Robert F. LT jg   43-45 Robert F. Dorton, Jr., USN
piped ashore 1983
Burkhardt H. Fred LT-jg N Div 64-65  ContactContact Info
Ray Oakley J. LTjg   45-46  
Larson Dennis L. LTjg CICWO,AIC,OC Div 63-65  ContactContact Info
Boostrom Roger L. LTjg EMO 67-68  ContactContact Info
Johnson Michael O. LTjg R Div 60-63 Michael O. Johnson, USN
piped ashore
Pettett Lawrence W. LTjg   51-53 Lawrence W. Pettett, USN
piped ashore June 2015
Huie Charles A. LTjg Comm
66-69  ContactContact Info
Browdy Charles A. LTjg OI Div
Asst CIC Officer
55-56  ContactContact Info
Shirk Floyd LTjg MPA 64-66  ContactContact Info
Adlam Don LTjg (Ret) N Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Benson Richard Slifer Lieut   44-46 Richard Slifer Benson, USN
piped ashore 1/22/11
Blair Billy Lithographer   44-46  
Anzalone Joseph E. Lt Operation Castle 54  
Moroney Thomas Lt Operations 68-69  
Sparks, Sr. James W. ME-2 R Division 51-54  ContactContact Info
Powell Roger G. MM-1   43-45  
Gooley Darryl G. MM-2 Mike 53-56 Darryl G. Gooley, USN
piped ashore 2010

ContactContact Info
Tatman Kenneth W. MM-2 M Div. 61-63  ContactContact Info
Thorne Wayne L. MM-2 M 56-60  ContactContact Info
Place Pat MM-2 Mike 62-66  ContactContact Info
Sinden Beryl N. MM-2 Mike 53-56  ContactContact Info
Bos Jack MM-2 M Div 62-66 Jack Bos, USN
piped ashore 12/2/2008

ContactContact Info
Armendariz Manny MM-3 M Division (Engine Room) 56-60  
Willhelm Gary MM-3 M Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
Engbring Scott MM-3 M Division 67-69  ContactContact Info
Gray Clarence R. (Bob) MM-3 M 60-62  ContactContact Info
Vandeloo James E. Jim MM-3 M Div 66-69 James E. (Jim) Vandeloo, USN
piped ashore 2/26/2000
Chester David MM-3 M Div 61-64  
Sandvig Hans W. MM-3 A Div 67-69  
Cordova Raynaldo MM-3 A Division 58-61  
Butner Robert R. MM-3 A Div 65-66  ContactContact Info
Maynard James D. MM-C M 65-68 James D. Maynard, USN
piped ashore 2/11/2006
Smith Jerry MM-FN M-Division 60-61  ContactContact Info
Grizzard Royce (Giz) MM-FN M 68-69  ContactContact Info
Gunter Rodger K. MM1 M 62-67  ContactContact Info
Buchman Thomas L. Orderly Admiral Kinkaid Staff 45 Thomas L. Buchman, USN
piped ashore 12/31/2006

ContactContact Info
David John W. PC-3 X-ray 64-65  ContactContact Info
Gilligan Gary W. PH-2 OA Division 68-69  
Oliver Doug PH-3 3rd/OA 59-61  ContactContact Info
Armstrong Gary PH-3 OA 68-69  ContactContact Info
DeMarco Mike PN-2 X-ray 67-69  ContactContact Info
Rodrigues Joseph F. (Jr.) PN-3 X-ray Div 62-66  ContactContact Info
Voorhies Jeff D. PN-3 X-ray 59-62  ContactContact Info
Cook Ernest PO-3 S-1 Div 52-55  
Suozzi Joseph Thomas Photographer I 52-54  
Dreller Larry L. QM-2 N Division 58-61  ContactContact Info
Robinson William W. QM-2 N 59-62  ContactContact Info
Craver Walter QM-3 N 53-55  
Stulich Robert QM-3 N Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Detzel Gerald QM-3 N Division 65-67  ContactContact Info
Potter Paul D. QM-3 N 68-69  ContactContact Info
Coram Robert QM-3 N 66-67 Robert Coram, USN
piped ashore 8/8/2008
Kemper James (Jim) QM-SN N 66-68  ContactContact Info
Martorano Richard J. QMSN N 56-58  ContactContact Info
Skrip Edward M. QMSN N Div 60-62  ContactContact Info
Kuhlmann Kenneth RD OI Div 52-56  ContactContact Info
Kimball Kenneth RD OI Div 60-62  
Sackin Paul RD OI 55  ContactContact Info
Banfield, Jr. William F. RD   44-45 William F. Banfield, Jr., USN
piped ashore 2/21/1991

ContactContact Info
Shick Myron Earl RD-2 J Div 51-53 Myron Earl Shick, USN
piped ashore 2001
Gunn Robert (Carl) RD-2 OI Div 66-69  
Jones Durward RD-2 OI 53-55  ContactContact Info
Metcalfe Taylor W. RD-2 J 51-54  ContactContact Info
Garbett Tom RD-2 OI Div 66-69  ContactContact Info
Rice Wendell C. RD-2 OI Div 55-56  ContactContact Info
Nowling Larry Gene RD-2 J Division 51-53 Larry Gene Nowling, USN
piped ashore 2/13/2000
Bolton Peter John RD-2 OI Div 66-67 Peter John Bolton, USN
piped ashore 7/10/2015
Boyd William D. RD-2 J Div 54-55  ContactContact Info
Walker Edwin RD-3 OI 68-69  
Gonzalez   RD-3 OI Div 60-63  
Bishop William H. RD-3   44-46 William H. Bishop, USN
piped ashore May 2009

ContactContact Info
Wilson Jerry V. RD-3 J Division 53-56  ContactContact Info
White J.C. RD-3 OI 57-60  ContactContact Info
Harrington Walter E. RD-3 C 44-46 Walter E. Harrington, USN
piped ashore 11/20/12
Wright Fred N. RD-3 OI 58-61 Fred N. Wright, USN
piped ashore Mar 9, 2012
Selby Eugene RD-3 2nd/OI 58-62  
Spitz Donald RD-3 OI Division 63-65  
Arendt Frank RD-3 OI Division 65-67  ContactContact Info
Elder James T. RD-3 OI Division 56-59  ContactContact Info
Burns Robert A. RD-3 OI Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
Sullivan J.P. RD-3 Deck/OI 64-67  
Carboni Daniel J. RM   44 Daniel J. Carboni, USN
piped ashore Aug 22, 2005
Duc Brand M. RM   61-63  
Frost Jerry RM OR 60-62  ContactContact Info
Crisp John L. RM C 47-49 John L. Crisp, USN
piped ashore Dec 31, 2009
Dionne David G. RM-1 OR Division 63-64  ContactContact Info
Price Jack M. RM-1 C 66-67  
Mihelic Toney RM-1 C 44-46 Toney Mihelic, USN
piped ashore 6/9/2010
Drewa Vernon H. RM-1C C 53-54  ContactContact Info
Laurence Harold RM-1C C 43-46 Harold Laurence, USN
piped ashore

ContactContact Info
Rosens Herman A. RM-2 Communications 51  ContactContact Info
Marshfield William (Bill) RM-2 C 54-55  ContactContact Info
Basse Jesse J. RM-2   51  
Morris Paul RM-2 Communications 68-69  
Baiseri Jim RM-2 CR Div 67-68  ContactContact Info
Lewis John C. RM-2   43-45  ContactContact Info
Brady James P. RM-2   44-46 James P. Brady, USN
piped ashore Sept 30, 2015
Mendiola Joseph (Joe) RM-2 OR 64-66  ContactContact Info
Austin Charles A. RM-2 OR 58-60  
Wilhite Dave RM-2 CR 64-67  ContactContact Info
Thompson John RM-2 CE 65-68  ContactContact Info
Rodriguez Augustine (Rod) RM-2 Communications 50-51  ContactContact Info
Estrada Raul RM-2 OR Div 60-62  
McKinnon Melvin (Mel) F. RM-2C Admiral Blandy Staff
44-45  ContactContact Info
Cash William Corson RM-3 Communications 44-46  
Parker Joe C. RM-3 OR 59-61  
Stout Donald RM-3 OR 52-53 Donald Stout, USN
piped ashore 1/13/12

ContactContact Info
Murphy Richard A. RM-3 OR Div 59 Richard A. Murphy, USN
piped ashore November 27, 1995

ContactContact Info
Laycox Bud (DJ) RM-3 OR Div 62-65  ContactContact Info
McCluskey Leo F. RM-3 OR Division 57-61  
Ricksecker Gerald V. (Rick) RM-3   56-57  
Fluharty David RM-3 CR Div 66-67  ContactContact Info
Jones Norman (Red) RM-3 OR 59-62  ContactContact Info
Hogan Richard B. RM-3 OR 59-62 Richard B. Hogan, Jr., USN
piped ashore Apr 10, 2012
Smith Robert S. RM-3 OR 59-61  
Dolan Jack RM-3 Comm 63-66  ContactContact Info
Carr Billy E. RM-3 Radio 61-65  ContactContact Info
Griffith Wayne RM-3 CR Div 67-69  
Folta George R. RM-3 CR Div 68-69  
Bates Bill RM-3 CR 68  ContactContact Info
Chadwell John RM-3 CR 66-68  
Clough Ralph S. RM-3 CR Division 67-69  
Blum Edwin (Ed) RM-3C C 44-45  
Coffin Roy H. RM-3C C 43-46 Roy H. Coffin, USN
piped ashore Aug 10, 2010
Andrus James RM-3C C 44-46 James Andrus, USN
piped ashore 5/13/2015
Miranda Robert Anthony RM-3C   44-46 Robert Anthony Miranda, USN
piped ashore May 22, 2011
Woolever John E. Jr. RM-3C   50-51  
Heaverlo Lewis RM-3C   45-46  
Moore Howard T. RM-C   51-59 Howard T. Moore, USN
piped ashore 1989
Camp Darrell RM-SN Communications 61  ContactContact Info
Moore R.K. RM-SN OR 60-61  
White William H. RM-SN     William H. White, USN
piped ashore Dec 21, 1998
Ashley, Jr. John B. RM-SN CR Division 69  
Andrews Ken RMC1      
Parish Tom S-1 CR 46-47 Tom Parish, USN
piped ashore 10/9/2010
Evenger Richard L. S-1 1st 47  ContactContact Info
Gibson Barent S-1 2nd 50-53  
McMillan James S1/c-SK S Div 46-48 James McMillan, USN
piped ashore July 31, 2003
Miller Robert L. S2C   44-45 Robert L. Miller, USN
piped ashore Dec 31, 1995

ContactContact Info
Ramos Joe A. SA 2nd 66-67 Joe A. Ramos, USN
piped ashore Sept. 15, 2011

ContactContact Info
Rosso Joe SA 2nd 66-67  ContactContact Info
Sarley Teddy Ray SA OO1 61-63  
Gamez Pedro SA 2nd 69  
Strong Carl Gene SA 1st
Tsing Tao ,China
48-49  ContactContact Info
Lomeli, Sr. Chris SA Deck 68-69  
Poinsette John SA   60-61  ContactContact Info
Wilson Thomas J. SA
1st Division
X-ray - Chaplin's Office/Librarian
X-ray - Personnel Office
Eng - Logroom Yeoman
64-66  ContactContact Info
Karr, Jr. Donald A. SF-3 R 65-67  ContactContact Info
Krouse Kenneth J. SF-3 R Division 65-66  ContactContact Info
De La Cruz Wally SFM-2 R Division 64-68  ContactContact Info
Nichols Nick SFM-2 R Division 60-64  ContactContact Info
Long Dennis M. SFM-3 R Division 64-67  ContactContact Info
Kirkpatrick Charles SFM-3 1st Div 58-62  ContactContact Info
Rodenbeck Gene W. SH-1 Ship Services 51-54  ContactContact Info
Clement John C. SH-3 S 48-49  ContactContact Info
Schwartz Kenneth D. SH-3   65-66  ContactContact Info
Corrales Alexander James (Alex or Jim) SH-3 Supply Div 61-64  ContactContact Info
Harvey Bruce SH-3 S-1 Div 67-68  
McCrary Rolla SHB-3 S-1 Division 66-68  
Timmis Robert Lesle SK-1   51-55 Robert Leslie Timmis, USN
piped ashore 1977

ContactContact Info
Greiner Henry J. SK-2 Supply 53-54  ContactContact Info
Ainsworth John SK-3 S-1 Div 66-68  ContactContact Info
Silver Bart C. SK-3 S1 53-54  ContactContact Info
Roberson Steve SK-3   66-68  
Morris Bruce SK-3 S-2 Div 56  ContactContact Info
Hines Jim SK-3 S Division 51-52  ContactContact Info
Dill Scott SK-3 S Division 51-53  ContactContact Info
Quinn Gerald M. SKC Supply 68-69  ContactContact Info
Cochran Harold R. (Rick) SM-1C 2nd Division 55-57  
Graham William Arnold SM-1C   44-46 William Arnold Graham, USN
piped ashore June 2012
Ramos Armando M. SM-2 OS Division 53-57  
Pagan Edwin SM-2 CS Div 63-67  
Shelby John William SM-2 OS Div 59-65 John William Shelby, USN
piped ashore September 21, 2012
Underwood William R. SM-2 OS Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
Steenbergen Richard (Dick) SM-2C C 44-46 Richard (Dick) Steenbergen, USN
piped ashore 3/25/2011
Foster William L. SM-3 OS 54-56  ContactContact Info
Davirro Domenic G. SM-3 OS Division 59-61 Domenic G. Davirro, USN
piped ashore April 22, 2019

ContactContact Info
McGary Dick F. SM-3 OS Div 63-65  
McGary William E. SM-3 CS 64-67  ContactContact Info
Joyner Noah, Jr. SM-3C C 44-46  ContactContact Info
Johnson Loren L. (Lee) SN X-Ray - Chaplin's Yeoman
Ship’s Librarian
Newsletter Editor
67-69  ContactContact Info
Smith Cecil L. (Smitty) SN X-Ray 66-68  
Johnson Roy SN 1st Division 64-66  
Gilson David SN 2nd 68-69  ContactContact Info
Arsenault James SN Gunnery Division 67-69  ContactContact Info
McNally Terence SN   65-66  
Conley Terry SN 2nd 68-69  
Datwyler Robert SN 1st Div 52-53  ContactContact Info
Morse Don SN N Div 56-62  ContactContact Info
Turner John SN 1st Div 65-66  ContactContact Info
Nichols Richard Gary SN 2nd 60-63  ContactContact Info
Krohn Albert G. SN 2nd Division 61-63  ContactContact Info
Murphy Patrick S. SN Comphibgroup-One 62  ContactContact Info
Johnson Larry R. SN 2nd Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Withers Dan SN OE 63-64  
Burns William (Pat) SN 1st Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
Kirkpatrick Lawrence J. SN X-Ray Div.
Captain’s Office
Legal YN
Co’s Phone Talker
63-65 Lawrence J. Kirkpatrick, USN
piped ashore July 1977

ContactContact Info
Neuhoff James SN 1st Div 52-56 James Neuhoff, USN
piped ashore 2/5/2018
Hartley Bernard F. SN   66-68  ContactContact Info
Gentry J.C. Odell SN 2nd Div 51-55 J.C. Odell Gentry, USN
piped ashore May 2003

ContactContact Info
Werth Max F. SN-1C   44-46 Max F.Werth, USN
piped ashore November 22, 1982
D’Alessio Carmen SN-1C   44-46 Carmen D’Alessio, USN
piped ashore July 1, 2012
Mann Martin Hayes SN-BM 2nd 57-60 Martin Hayes Mann, USN
piped ashore
Pacholski (Ski) Frank J. Seaman-1C Ship Services 44-46  
Walters Alvin H. Seaman-1C 1st 44  
Doerring Robert A. Sgt. USMC 57-59  ContactContact Info
Hardesty Donald M. TE-2 Flag Division 53-55 Donald M. Hardesty, USN
piped ashore 2/10/2016
Schumacker, Jr. Eugene H. TE-3 Operations Div. 57-58  
Estioko Oscar P. TN S-2 Div 65-69  ContactContact Info
Dennis Joseph Julian WO-1 Admiral Blandy Staff 44-45 Joseph Julian Dennis, USN
piped ashore 2/2000
Mallam David YM-3 1st 63-66  
Hardy AD Jack YN   45  
Coppes Donald D. YN-2 X-Ray Div 66-68  
Ingram Charles C. YN-2 E 50-54 Charles C. Ingram, USN
piped ashore 10/4/03
O'Neil Kermit YN-3   46-47 Kermit O'Neil, USN
piped ashore 1993

ContactContact Info
Burke P.J. (Rick) YN-3 OI Div
Operations Office Yeoman
64-66  ContactContact Info
Jas Ben C. YN-3 Captain's Office 55-57  
McAndrews Thomas P. YN-3 Operations Office 56  
Billington Thomas Donald YN-3 R Division 54  
Tourville Gil YN-3 OI Division 68-69  ContactContact Info
McAndrews George P. YN-3 Operations Office 56  
Davidson James (Jim) M. YN-3 Captain's office
during Operation IVY
Clark Wayne D. YN-3C G Division 53-55  ContactContact Info

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