U.S.S. Estes AGC/LCC-12 Crew Roster
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Years Aboard

Last Name First Name Rank/Rate Division Years Aboard Contact Info
Poehler Allen   Photo Div 46 Allen Poehler, USN
piped ashore 2008
McCoy Glen     52-60 Glen McCoy, USN
piped ashore November 10, 2004
Chesley William (Bill)       William (Bill) Chesley, USN
piped ashore September 25, 2012
Thompson Robert K.     44-45 Robert K. Thompson, USN
piped ashore Aug 8, 2014
Schirra Walter(Wally) (Jr.)   Adm. Cooke Staff 46 Walter (Wally) Schirra, Jr., USN
piped ashore 5/3/2007
Olding James Edward        
Montgomery Gary     57-60  ContactContact Info
Haskin Lorin Dean   A Division 66 Lorin Dean Haskin, USN
piped ashore 2007
Garton Charles     51-52  
Horvatin Raymond J.     44-46  ContactContact Info
Soule Kenneth O.   T Div 50-53  
Wright Wayne   1st 65-69  ContactContact Info
Miracle John S.     52-54 John S. Miracle, USN
piped ashore 1995

ContactContact Info
Feidt Arnold     52-54  
DeBenedetto John J.     44-45 John J. DeBenedetto, USN
piped ashore Jan 25, 2008
Miller Audie Ray   2nd Div, Charlie Div & OR Div 52-60 Audie Ray Miller, USN
piped ashore Dec 27, 2018
Payne James Hubert     48 James Hubert Payne, USN
piped ashore
Caylor, Jr. James C.   Amphibious Group Command 44-45  
DeLesstine Harold     44-45  
Schendel Ross        
Stern William Donald     60's William Donald Stern, USN
piped ashore 2004
Neher Oswald M.     44  
Wlodyka John     66-67  
VanValkenburgh Horace B.        
Lipscomb John H.        
Dolgender Billy        
Hilburn Edgar Marlo        
O'Connell Daniel     44-45 Daniel O'Connell, USN
piped ashore October 13, 1987
Burgans Theron     51-55 Theron Burgans, USN
piped ashore September 26, 2013
Jernigan Bruce   Deck 68-69  
Krohn Ralph   2nd 62-64  ContactContact Info
Gosen Tom     60-61 Tom Gosen, USN
piped ashore
Bowling Gerald Dean        
Golloher Charles H.     47-48 Charles H. Golloher, USN
piped ashore
Socha Richard L.     51-52 Richard L. Socha, USN
piped ashore

ContactContact Info
Read R.C.     44-46  ContactContact Info
Lee Harold E.   OS 60-62  ContactContact Info
Thibeault Joseph     45 Joseph_Thibeault, USN
piped ashore March 20, 1990
Bishop G.E. 1st Lt Communications 51-54 G.E. Bishop, USN
piped ashore
Lynch Richard G. AG-1 Aviation
Meterology Unit
56  ContactContact Info
Joseph George Joe AG-2 OA 55-57  ContactContact Info
Bogin Harold AG-3 Aviation 53  
Sankus Anthony V. AG-3 Aviation 55-59  
Estes Guy AM-2 Admiral Blandy Staff 44-45 Guy Estes USN
piped ashore Mar 9, 1979

ContactContact Info
Weir Frank E. BM-1 1st
Tsing Tao ,China
Holma Lyle W. BM-2 2nd & 1st Divisions 51-55  
Breeden Lester J. BM-2 1st & Master-at-Arms 67-69  ContactContact Info
Mccann Thomas BM-2 1st 67-68  ContactContact Info
Snow Jimmy D. BM-3 1st Div 64-68  
Price Blaine W. BM-3 2nd Div 51-53  
Gilmer Charles BM-3 LPO Boat Division 64-67  
Wilson Jerry BM-3 1st 66-68  ContactContact Info
Chandler Bernie BM-3 1st Div 68-69  ContactContact Info
Morris Larry BM-3 1st Division 61-63  ContactContact Info
Taylor Cecil (Skip) BM-3 2nd 63-67  
Kurtz Ken BM-3 2nd Division 66-69  ContactContact Info
Lehn Ronald D. BM-SN 2nd 60-62  ContactContact Info
Bales Morris BM-SN 1st Division 60-64  
Heiser, Jr. Franklin BM-SN   60-62  ContactContact Info
Combes William S. (Steve) BMSN 2nd Div
Ship's Bugler N Div
62-64  ContactContact Info
Kirchoff Ronald R. BT Engineering 55-56  ContactContact Info
Smith Robert BT-1 Mike 51-54  
Weaver Don BT-2 B 57-61  ContactContact Info
Bowles William (Bill) BT-2 B 59-63  ContactContact Info
Whittier Alan BT-3 M Division 66-69  ContactContact Info
Haydon Jon T. BT-3 M Div 65-68  ContactContact Info
Smith Dell BT-3 B 65-69  
Wood Gerald W. BT-C B 58-61  ContactContact Info
Parsons G.E. Dick CPL Marine Communications Detachment 57-58  ContactContact Info
Brown George CS-2 S-1 52-58 George Brown, USN
piped ashore 6/1977

ContactContact Info
Jones Harold (Mickey) CS-2 S Division 66-68  ContactContact Info
Day Lee P. CS-2 S-1 Div 66-67 Lee P. Day, USN
piped ashore Mar 16, 1976

ContactContact Info
Errico Frank Anthony CS-2C S 43-44 Frank Anthony Errico, USN
piped ashore 1996
Doyle Francis William CS-2C S-1 59-64  
Majchrzak Robert (Ski) CS-SN S Div 54-58  ContactContact Info
Hermansen Bruce H. CYN-3 Communications 68-69  ContactContact Info
Cross Leo G. CYN-3 CR Division 67  ContactContact Info
Layton James CYN-3 CR 67-69  ContactContact Info
Pellett William H. Capt.   64 William H. Pellett USN
piped ashore Jan 17, 2005
Holtwick Jack S. Capt. CO 52-53  
Ingham John W. Cdr.   60's John W. Ingham, USN
piped ashore 1998
Cheatham Augustus B. Cmdr XO 68-69 Augustus B. Cheatham, USN
piped ashore 1990's
Little Charles Arthur Cox   44-45  ContactContact Info
Mallard Bernard C. Cpl USMC 46 Bernard C. Mallard, USMC
piped ashore 2/26/2007
Eaton Leland DC-3 R Div 61-63  ContactContact Info
Smothers Cecil DC-FN R Division 50-54  ContactContact Info
Dondanville D. DK-3 S-1 64-66  
Harrison Bruce W. DM-2 I Div 52-55  ContactContact Info
Gonzales Gerald DM-2   60-61  ContactContact Info
Powell Robert (Bob) P. DM-3 OA Div 65 Robert P. (Bob) Powell, USN
piped ashore 2/18/2019
Mcafee Murray A. DM-SN 1st Division 65-66  ContactContact Info
Hale Richard L. DMC I Div 51-53  
Kessler Cedric DT H Division 65-66  ContactContact Info
Ingles John Wesley Eudean (Snake) E-3   54-58 John Wesley Eudean (Snake) Ingles, USN
piped ashore 3/3/2009

ContactContact Info
Doubt Daniel S. EM Electrician 55  
Ivins Rex EM-1 Electrical Div. 56-57 Rex Ivins, USN
piped ashore
Hall Ravon Ray EM-2 E Div. 61-64  ContactContact Info
Ticer Tommy Ray EM-2 Electrical Div. 55-57  ContactContact Info
Pillows Steven EM-2 E Division 65-67  ContactContact Info
Fontaine Wayne K. EM-2 E Division 56-60  
Rule, Jr. William Henry EM-2 E 52-55  
Adams George EM-2 E Division 52-54  
Vinkler Paul EM-2C A & M Division 44-46  ContactContact Info
Ferguson Arnold A. EM-2C   43-46 Arnold A. Ferguson, USN
piped ashore 4/12/11

ContactContact Info
Ledsworth Gary D. (Led's) EM-3 E 65-68  ContactContact Info
Cummings Robert V. (Bud) EM-3 E Division 67-68  ContactContact Info
Mills Kenneth J. EM-3 E 69  ContactContact Info
Morin George E. EM-FN Engineering 45-49 George E. Morin, USN
piped ashore

ContactContact Info
Price Harry EM-FN E Division 69  ContactContact Info
Bradburn Danny EM-FR Engineering 65  
Kenney Thomas D. EMP-3 E Division 55-57 Thomas D. Kenney, USN
piped ashore

ContactContact Info
Lance R. Frank EN-2 A 53-56  
Nelson Carl EN-3 A 67-69  
Henecke David Lee EN-3 A Div 63-66  
Bruemmer Jerry ENS/LTjg 1st/OI 59-61  ContactContact Info
Falk, Jr. Albert H. ET C 43-46  
Winkler James W. (Wink) ET C 43-46 James W. (Wink) Winkler, USN
piped ashore 1/14/90
Boyd John ET-1   50's John Boyd, USN
piped ashore April 25, 2005
Daniels Paul A. ET-2 OE Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Morris William (Bill) ET-2 OE Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Doty Robert ET-2 OE 60-61  ContactContact Info
Gass Larry ET-2 OE 59-62  
Smith Gerald (Jerry) G. ET-2 Electronics 47-49  ContactContact Info
Espy Roger E. ET-2 OE 58-61  ContactContact Info
Kerrigan Mike ET-2 OE 53-55  ContactContact Info
LeBrun G.O. (Jud) LeBrun ET-3 Communications 45-46 G.O. (Jud)LeBrun, USN
piped ashore 1997
Mitchell Dallas E. ET-3 OE 61  ContactContact Info
Morris Richard ET-3 OE Division 58-60  ContactContact Info
Lindenberg Norman ETC Communications & Electronics 44-46  
Wenner Harry M. ETM-1C C 44-46 Harry M. Wenner, USN
piped ashore 7/28/2015
Wise William A. (Bill) ETM-2 C 43-46 William A. Wise, USN
piped ashore 11/2/20111
Naramore Robert (Bob) S. ETM-2C C 43-46 Robert (Bob) S. Naramore, USN
piped ashore 4/23/12
Johnson Donald R. ETM-2C C 44-46 Donald R. Johnson, USN
piped ashore 11/6/2008
Clark Daniel ETN-2 OE 62-66  ContactContact Info
Porter Charlie ETN-2 CE 66-69 Charlie Porter, USN
piped ashore July 18, 2019

ContactContact Info
Jenan Roger ETN-2 Electronics 55-57  ContactContact Info
Recoy Dennis E. ETN-2 CE 67-68  ContactContact Info
Terry Daniel ETN-2 CE Div 67-69  ContactContact Info
Hartnett William M. ETN-2 OE 65-67  ContactContact Info
Schon Clyde D. ETN-2 OE Division 56-58  ContactContact Info
Raskin Raye ETN-3 Unknown
Decommissioning Crew
69  ContactContact Info
Keown David F. ETN-3 CE Division 66-67  ContactContact Info
Clark Rolan O. ETR-2 OE Division 58-61  
Graham Ronald ETR-2 OE Division 57-59  ContactContact Info
Wharton Gerald (Jerry) E. ETR-2 CE 68-69  ContactContact Info
Shriner Ernie ETR-2 CE Div 65-68  ContactContact Info
Riggen Jim ETR-2 OE 61-63  ContactContact Info
Olson Jon R. ETR-2 OE 62-65  
Brady James K. ETR-2 OE 57-60  ContactContact Info
Ortiz Arthur G. ETR-3 CE 68-69  ContactContact Info
Lee Loy Gerald Damian ETR-3 CE Div 67-68 Gerald Damian Lee Loy, USN
piped ashore May 1, 2015
Draves Richard A. ETR-3 CE Division 66-67  ContactContact Info
Cherry Richard F. ETR-3 OE 65-66  ContactContact Info
Chenoweth Michael ETR-3 CE 69  ContactContact Info
Culley Donnell Ens CE Div Officer, EMO 68-69  ContactContact Info
Boozer Louis Ensign M Div (62-63)
1st Div (63-64)
62-64  ContactContact Info
Holcomb Franklin Ensign Disbursing Officer 51-53  ContactContact Info
Brewer Charles F-1 A 50-54  
Phillips Henry A. F-1C   44-45 Henry A. Phillips, USN
piped ashore March 6, 1986

ContactContact Info
Casari Gerald M. FM   65-66  
Craig Kenneth B. FM-1C Electrical 46-48  ContactContact Info
Mallory Gerald R. FN   56-58 Gerald R. Mallory, USN
piped ashore January 18, 2007
Sparkman Frank FN E Div 67-68  ContactContact Info
Wegner James Thomas FN R Div. 68-69  
Caruso John FN M Division 65-68  ContactContact Info
McMullen Gail FN   56-57  
Wise Allen C. FN E 66-69  
Davenport Fred B. FP-3   53-56  ContactContact Info
Holliday Alfred E. FTG-3 Gunnery Division 65-68  
Rodenbeck Theodore (Tedd) FTG-SN 3rd Division 65-66 Tedd Rodenbeck, USN
piped ashore 10/14/2014

ContactContact Info
Rue George R. Fireman-1C   44-45  ContactContact Info
Horton Edward GM 3rd 69 William Edward (Ed) Horton, USN
piped ashore July 2, 2010
Geiselman Ralph GM-2 Gunnery Division 45  ContactContact Info
Martin James A. GM-3 F Division 50-54 James A. (Jimmy) Martin, USN
piped ashore 10/8/1987
Turner Joe B. GM-3 3rd 56-60  
Hunter, Jr. Luther N. GM-C   44-46 Lutherer N. Hunter, USN
piped ashore 4/7/13

ContactContact Info
Whitaker Gene D. GMG-3 3rd 64-66  ContactContact Info
Grant W.J. GMG-3 3rd 69  
Koxlien Alan HM-2 H 68-69  ContactContact Info
Wiley Larry HM-2 H-Division 68-69  ContactContact Info
Borenstein Murray HM-3   52  
Rausch Henry J. (Jr) HM-C H 69-70  ContactContact Info
Spoor Berkley L. IC-2 E Division 56-60  
Marshal Don Cookie IC-2 E 59-63  ContactContact Info
Freeman Don IC-3 E Division 57-60  ContactContact Info
Shisler Dennis IC-FN E 66-68  
Baillie Frank LDO Lt. Admiral Badger Staff 48-49
Hammond Tom LI-1 OA 66-67  
Hennessy Richard LI-3 OA Division 66-68  
Klang Ronald Ray LI-4 OA Div 64-67  ContactContact Info
Long Robert G. LT jg Map Reproduction 44-46  ContactContact Info
Dorton, Jr. Robert F. LT jg   43-45 Robert F. Dorton, Jr., USN
piped ashore 1983
Burkhardt H. Fred LT-jg N Div 64-65  ContactContact Info
Shirk Floyd LTjg MPA 64-66  ContactContact Info
Boostrom Roger L. LTjg EMO 67-68  ContactContact Info
Huie Charles A. LTjg Comm
66-69  ContactContact Info
Johnson Michael O. LTjg R Div 60-63 Michael O. Johnson, USN
piped ashore
Ray Oakley J. LTjg   45-46 Oakley J. Ray, Jr., USN
piped ashore June 2022
Larson Dennis L. LTjg CICWO,AIC,OC Div 63-65  ContactContact Info
Pettett Lawrence W. LTjg   51-53 Lawrence W. Pettett, USN
piped ashore June 2015
Browdy Charles A. LTjg OI Div
Asst CIC Officer
55-56  ContactContact Info
Adlam Don LTjg (Ret) N Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Benson Richard Slifer Lieut   44-46 Richard Slifer Benson, USN
piped ashore 1/22/11
Blair Billy Lithographer   44-46  
Anzalone Joseph E. Lt Operation Castle 54  
Moroney Thomas Lt Operations 68-69  
Sparks, Sr. James W. ME-2 R Division 51-54  ContactContact Info
Powell Roger G. MM-1   43-45  
Thorne Wayne L. MM-2 M 56-60  ContactContact Info
Sinden Beryl N. MM-2 Mike 53-56  ContactContact Info
Place Pat MM-2 Mike 62-66  ContactContact Info
Gooley Darryl G. MM-2 Mike 53-56 Darryl G. Gooley, USN
piped ashore 2010

ContactContact Info
Bos Jack MM-2 M Div 62-66 Jack Bos, USN
piped ashore 12/2/2008

ContactContact Info
Tatman Kenneth W. MM-2 M Div. 61-63  ContactContact Info
Cordova Raynaldo MM-3 A Division 58-61  
Engbring Scott MM-3 M Division 67-69  ContactContact Info
Sandvig Hans W. MM-3 A Div 67-69  
Gray Clarence R. (Bob) MM-3 M 60-62  ContactContact Info
Chester David MM-3 M Div 61-64  
Butner Robert R. MM-3 A Div 65-66  ContactContact Info
Vandeloo James E. Jim MM-3 M Div 66-69 James E. (Jim) Vandeloo, USN
piped ashore 2/26/2000
Willhelm Gary MM-3 M Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
Armendariz Manny MM-3 M Division (Engine Room) 56-60  
Maynard James D. MM-C M 65-68 James D. Maynard, USN
piped ashore 2/11/2006
Grizzard Royce (Giz) MM-FN M 68-69  ContactContact Info
Smith Jerry MM-FN M-Division 60-61  ContactContact Info
Gunter Rodger K. MM1 M 62-67  ContactContact Info
Buchman Thomas L. Orderly Admiral Kinkaid Staff 45 Thomas L. Buchman, USN
piped ashore 12/31/2006

ContactContact Info
David John W. PC-3 X-ray 64-65  ContactContact Info
Lowe Jay PC-3 X-Ray 69  
Gilligan Gary W. PH-2 OA Division 68-69  
Oliver Doug PH-3 3rd/OA 59-61  ContactContact Info
Armstrong Gary PH-3 OA 68-69  ContactContact Info
DeMarco Mike PN-2 X-ray 67-69  ContactContact Info
Rodrigues Joseph F. (Jr.) PN-3 X-ray Div 62-66  ContactContact Info
Voorhies Jeff D. PN-3 X-ray 59-62  ContactContact Info
Cook Ernest PO-3 S-1 Div 52-55  
Suozzi Joseph Thomas Photographer I 52-54  
Robinson William W. QM-2 N 59-62  ContactContact Info
Dreller Larry L. QM-2 N Division 58-61  ContactContact Info
Stulich Robert QM-3 N Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Coram Robert QM-3 N 66-67 Robert Coram, USN
piped ashore 8/8/2008
Craver Walter QM-3 N 53-55  
Potter Paul D. QM-3 N 68-69  ContactContact Info
Detzel Gerald QM-3 N Division 65-67  ContactContact Info
Kemper James (Jim) QM-SN N 66-68  ContactContact Info
Martorano Richard J. QMSN N 56-58  ContactContact Info
Skrip Edward M. QMSN N Div 60-62  ContactContact Info
Kuhlmann Kenneth RD OI Div 52-56  ContactContact Info
Kimball Kenneth RD OI Div 60-62  
Banfield, Jr. William F. RD   44-45 William F. Banfield, Jr., USN
piped ashore 2/21/1991

ContactContact Info
Sackin Paul RD OI 55  ContactContact Info
Shick Myron Earl RD-2 J Div 51-53 Myron Earl Shick, USN
piped ashore 2001
Gunn Robert (Carl) RD-2 OI Div 66-69  
Nowling Larry Gene RD-2 J Division 51-53 Larry Gene Nowling, USN
piped ashore 2/13/2000
Garbett Tom RD-2 OI Div 66-69  ContactContact Info
Metcalfe Taylor W. RD-2 J 51-54  ContactContact Info
Jones Durward RD-2 OI 53-55  ContactContact Info
Boyd William D. RD-2 J Div 54-55  ContactContact Info
Rice Wendell C. RD-2 OI Div 55-56  ContactContact Info
Bolton Peter John RD-2 OI Div 66-67 Peter John Bolton, USN
piped ashore 7/10/2015
Walker Edwin RD-3 OI 68-69  
Selby Eugene RD-3 2nd/OI 58-62  
Arendt Frank RD-3 OI Division 65-67  ContactContact Info
Spitz Donald RD-3 OI Division 63-65  
Bishop William H. RD-3   44-46 William H. Bishop, USN
piped ashore May 2009

ContactContact Info
Harrington Walter E. RD-3 C 44-46 Walter E. Harrington, USN
piped ashore 11/20/12
Wright Fred N. RD-3 OI 58-61 Fred N. Wright, USN
piped ashore Mar 9, 2012
Gonzalez   RD-3 OI Div 60-63  
Elder James T. RD-3 OI Division 56-59  ContactContact Info
Burns Robert A. RD-3 OI Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
Sullivan J.P. RD-3 Deck/OI 64-67  
Wilson Jerry V. RD-3 J Division 53-56  ContactContact Info
White J.C. RD-3 OI 57-60  ContactContact Info
Carboni Daniel J. RM   44 Daniel J. Carboni, USN
piped ashore Aug 22, 2005
Duc Brand M. RM   61-63  
Crisp John L. RM C 47-49 John L. Crisp, USN
piped ashore Dec 31, 2009
Frost Jerry RM OR 60-62  ContactContact Info
Price Jack M. RM-1 C 66-67  
Dionne David G. RM-1 OR Division 63-64  ContactContact Info
Mihelic Toney RM-1 C 44-46 Toney Mihelic, USN
piped ashore 6/9/2010
Laurence Harold RM-1C C 43-46 Harold Laurence, USN
piped ashore

ContactContact Info
Drewa Vernon H. RM-1C C 53-54  ContactContact Info
Brady James P. RM-2   44-46 James P. Brady, USN
piped ashore Sept 30, 2015
Estrada Raul RM-2 OR Div 60-62  
Thompson John RM-2 CE 65-68  ContactContact Info
Marshfield William (Bill) RM-2 C 54-55  ContactContact Info
Rosens Herman A. RM-2 Communications 51  ContactContact Info
Lewis John C. RM-2   43-45  ContactContact Info
Baiseri Jim RM-2 CR Div 67-68  ContactContact Info
Austin Charles A. RM-2 OR 58-60  
Basse Jesse J. RM-2   51  
Morris Paul RM-2 Communications 68-69  
Mendiola Joseph (Joe) RM-2 OR 64-66  ContactContact Info
Moore David RM-2 OR Div 64-66  ContactContact Info
Wilhite Dave RM-2 CR 64-67  ContactContact Info
Rodriguez Augustine (Rod) RM-2 Communications 50-51  ContactContact Info
McKinnon Melvin (Mel) F. RM-2C Admiral Blandy Staff
44-45  ContactContact Info
Dolan Jack RM-3 Comm 63-66  ContactContact Info
Stout Donald RM-3 OR 52-53 Donald Stout, USN
piped ashore 1/13/12

ContactContact Info
Fluharty David RM-3 CR Div 66-67  ContactContact Info
McCluskey Leo F. RM-3 OR Division 57-61  
Laycox Bud (DJ) RM-3 OR Div 62-65  ContactContact Info
Chadwell John RM-3 CR 66-68  
Cash William Corson RM-3 Communications 44-46  
Parker Joe C. RM-3 OR 59-61  
Smith Robert S. RM-3 OR 59-61  
Hogan Richard B. RM-3 OR 59-62 Richard B. Hogan, Jr., USN
piped ashore Apr 10, 2012
Ricksecker Gerald V. (Rick) RM-3   56-57  
Carr Billy E. RM-3 Radio 61-65  ContactContact Info
Bates Bill RM-3 CR 68  ContactContact Info
Murphy Richard A. RM-3 OR Div 59 Richard A. Murphy, USN
piped ashore November 27, 1995

ContactContact Info
Griffith Wayne RM-3 CR Div 67-69  
Jones Norman (Red) RM-3 OR 59-62  ContactContact Info
Folta George R. RM-3 CR Div 68-69  
Clough Ralph S. RM-3 CR Division 67-69  
Woolever John E. Jr. RM-3C   50-51  
Blum Edwin (Ed) RM-3C C 44-45  
Heaverlo Lewis RM-3C   45-46  
Coffin Roy H. RM-3C C 43-46 Roy H. Coffin, USN
piped ashore Aug 10, 2010
Miranda Robert Anthony RM-3C   44-46 Robert Anthony Miranda, USN
piped ashore May 22, 2011
Andrus James RM-3C C 44-46 James Andrus, USN
piped ashore 5/13/2015
Moore Howard T. RM-C   51-59 Howard T. Moore, USN
piped ashore 1989
Camp Darrell RM-SN Communications 61  ContactContact Info
Moore Roy K. RM-SN OR 60-61 Roy K. Moore, USN
piped ashore Oct 21,2022
Ashley, Jr. John B. RM-SN CR Division 69  
White William H. RM-SN     William H. White, USN
piped ashore Dec 21, 1998
Andrews Ken RMC1      
Evenger Richard L. S-1 1st 47  ContactContact Info
Parish Tom S-1 CR 46-47 Tom Parish, USN
piped ashore 10/9/2010
Gibson Barent S-1 2nd 50-53  
McMillan James S1/c-SK S Div 46-48 James McMillan, USN
piped ashore July 31, 2003
Miller Robert L. S2C   44-45 Robert L. Miller, USN
piped ashore Dec 31, 1995

ContactContact Info
Rosso Joe SA 2nd 66-67  ContactContact Info
Strong Carl Gene SA 1st
Tsing Tao ,China
48-49  ContactContact Info
Gamez Pedro SA 2nd 69  
Ramos Joe A. SA 2nd 66-67 Joe A. Ramos, USN
piped ashore Sept. 15, 2011

ContactContact Info
Poinsette John SA   60-61  ContactContact Info
Lomeli, Sr. Chris SA Deck 68-69  
Sarley Teddy Ray SA OO1 61-63  
Wilson Thomas J. SA
1st Division
X-ray - Chaplin's Office/Librarian
X-ray - Personnel Office
Eng - Logroom Yeoman
64-66  ContactContact Info
Karr, Jr. Donald A. SF-3 R 65-67  ContactContact Info
Krouse Kenneth J. SF-3 R Division 65-66  ContactContact Info
Nichols Nick SFM-2 R Division 60-64  ContactContact Info
De La Cruz Wally SFM-2 R Division 64-68  ContactContact Info
Long Dennis M. SFM-3 R Division 64-67  ContactContact Info
Kirkpatrick Charles SFM-3 1st Div 58-62  ContactContact Info
Rodenbeck Gene W. SH-1 Ship Services 51-54  ContactContact Info
Schwartz Kenneth D. SH-3   65-66  ContactContact Info
Clement John C. SH-3 S 48-49  ContactContact Info
Corrales Alexander James (Alex or Jim) SH-3 Supply Div 61-64  ContactContact Info
Harvey Bruce SH-3 S-1 Div 67-68  
McCrary Rolla SHB-3 S-1 Division 66-68  
Timmis Robert Lesle SK-1   51-55 Robert Leslie Timmis, USN
piped ashore 1977

ContactContact Info
Greiner Henry J. SK-2 Supply 53-54  ContactContact Info
Roberson Steve SK-3   66-68  
Dill Scott SK-3 S Division 51-53  ContactContact Info
Hines Jim SK-3 S Division 51-52  ContactContact Info
Morris Bruce SK-3 S-2 Div 56  ContactContact Info
Silver Bart C. SK-3 S1 53-54  ContactContact Info
Ainsworth John SK-3 S-1 Div 66-68  ContactContact Info
Quinn Gerald M. SKC Supply 68-69  ContactContact Info
Knutson Emil Conrad SM   52 Emil Conrad Knutson, USN
piped ashore 2022
Cochran Harold R. (Rick) SM-1C 2nd Division 55-57  
Graham William Arnold SM-1C   44-46 William Arnold Graham, USN
piped ashore June 2012
Underwood William R. SM-2 OS Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
Pagan Edwin SM-2 CS Div 63-67  
Ramos Armando M. SM-2 OS Division 53-57  
Shelby John William SM-2 OS Div 59-65 John William Shelby, USN
piped ashore September 21, 2012
Steenbergen Richard (Dick) SM-2C C 44-46 Richard (Dick) Steenbergen, USN
piped ashore 3/25/2011
McGary Dick F. SM-3 OS Div 63-65  
McGary William E. SM-3 CS 64-67  ContactContact Info
Foster William L. SM-3 OS 54-56  ContactContact Info
Davirro Domenic G. SM-3 OS Division 59-61 Domenic G. Davirro, USN
piped ashore April 22, 2019

ContactContact Info
Joyner Noah, Jr. SM-3C C 44-46 Noah Joyner, Jr., USN
piped ashore July 2022

ContactContact Info
Ott Richard SN OA Division 66-68  
Johnson Roy SN 1st Division 64-66  
Arsenault James SN Gunnery Division 67-69  ContactContact Info
Turner John SN 1st Div 65-66  ContactContact Info
Hartley Bernard F. SN   66-68  ContactContact Info
McNally Terence SN   65-66  
Withers Dan SN OE 63-64  
Conley Terry SN 2nd 68-69  
Gilson David SN 2nd 68-69  ContactContact Info
Morse Don SN N Div 56-62  ContactContact Info
Nichols Richard Gary SN 2nd 60-63  ContactContact Info
Krohn Albert G. SN 2nd Division 61-63  ContactContact Info
Murphy Patrick S. SN Comphibgroup-One 62  ContactContact Info
Johnson Larry R. SN 2nd Division 62-64  ContactContact Info
Johnson Loren L. (Lee) SN X-Ray - Chaplin's Yeoman
Ship's Librarian
Newsletter Editor
67-69  ContactContact Info
Datwyler Robert SN 1st Div 52-53  ContactContact Info
Kirkpatrick Lawrence J. SN X-Ray Div.
Captain's Office
Legal YN
Co's Phone Talker
63-65 Lawrence J. Kirkpatrick, USN
piped ashore July 1977

ContactContact Info
Smith Cecil L. (Smitty) SN X-Ray 66-68  
Neuhoff James SN 1st Div 52-56 James Neuhoff, USN
piped ashore 2/5/2018
Gentry J.C. Odell SN 2nd Div 51-55 J.C. Odell Gentry, USN
piped ashore May 2003

ContactContact Info
Burns William (Pat) SN 1st Division 64-66  ContactContact Info
D'Alessio Carmen SN-1C   44-46 Carmen D'Alessio, USN
piped ashore July 1, 2012
Werth Max F. SN-1C   44-46 Max F.Werth, USN
piped ashore November 22, 1982
Mann Martin Hayes SN-BM 2nd 57-60 Martin Hayes Mann, USN
piped ashore
Walters Alvin H. Seaman-1C 1st 44  
Pacholski (Ski) Frank J. Seaman-1C Ship Services 44-46  
Doerring Robert A. Sgt. USMC 57-59  ContactContact Info
Hardesty Donald M. TE-2 Flag Division 53-55 Donald M. Hardesty, USN
piped ashore 2/10/2016
Schumacker, Jr. Eugene H. TE-3 Operations Div. 57-58  
Estioko Oscar P. TN S-2 Div 65-69  ContactContact Info
Dennis Joseph Julian WO-1 Admiral Blandy Staff 44-45 Joseph Julian Dennis, USN
piped ashore 2/2000
Mallam David YM-3 1st 63-66  
Hardy AD Jack YN   45  
Coppes Donald D. YN-2 X-Ray Div 66-68  
Ingram Charles C. YN-2 E 50-54 Charles C. Ingram, USN
piped ashore 10/4/03
Burke P.J. (Rick) YN-3 OI Div
Operations Office Yeoman
64-66  ContactContact Info
McAndrews George P. YN-3 Operations Office 56  
Billington Thomas Donald YN-3 R Division 54  
Tourville Gil YN-3 OI Division 68-69  ContactContact Info
Jas Ben C. YN-3 Captain's Office 55-57  
O'Neil Kermit YN-3   46-47 Kermit O'Neil, USN
piped ashore 1993

ContactContact Info
Davidson James (Jim) M. YN-3 Captain's office
during Operation IVY
McAndrews Thomas P. YN-3 Operations Office 56  
Clark Wayne D. YN-3C G Division 53-55  ContactContact Info

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